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Since his feature debut "Reservoir Dogs" came out in 1992, Quentin Tarantino has established himself as one of the greatest filmmakers of all time — if not always the most varied.
From "Pulp Fiction" to "Django Unchained," his style is defined by a mix of shocking violence and humor.
Tarantino is currently at the beginning stages of a new project, said to be about the Manson Family murders. 
According to The Hollywood Reporter, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Lawrence have been approached to star. Deadline also says Tarantino has approached "Suicide Squad" star Margot Robbie to take on the role of Sharon Tate, the star who was murdered by Manson's followers.
Here is a ranking of all of Tarantino's films, starting from the worst and going to the best. But hey, even the worst ones are still pretty great: