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2009The debut album by The Dead WeatherHorehound, is released, and spawns the singles "Hang You from the Heavens," "Treat Me Like Your Mother," and "I Cut Like A Buffalo."
2008Rock Band 2 reveals that the new Guns N' Roses song "Shackler's Revenge" is to appear in the game.
2005Joe Harnell, a pianist and composer who worked as an accompanist and arranger for Peggy Lee and others, dies of heart failure at age 80. 
1995At what was previously a forsaken patch of land to the north of Hartford, Connecticut, Michael Bolton plays the grand opening concert at the Meadows Music Theater. Bolton, who grew up in New Haven, is good friends with the venue's promoter Jim Koplik. 90 degree heat stifles the ceremony a bit, as soon-to-be disgraced governor John Rowland has to take off his tuxedo coat when greeting Bolton onstage.
1993The US Postal Service introduces four new stamps honoring classic Broadway musicals: My Fair LadyPorgy and BessShow Boat, and Oklahoma!
1992Olivia Newton-John makes public her bout with breast cancer, which she will eventually beat.
1992Aretha Franklin opens the 1992 Democratic National Convention in New York by singing the US national anthem.
1989"Judge Judy" Sheindlin, not yet a TV star and still a Family Court judge in New York, orders singer Tom Jones to pay $200 weekly in child support to model Katherine Berkery.
1988Michael Jackson begins his first-ever UK tour at Wembley Stadium in London. 
1988At the height of "Elvis is Alive" mania, Nashville radio station WYHY offers a million dollars to anyone who shows up at the studios with the King.
1987Steve Miller receives a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame.
1984Soul singer Philippe Wynne (of The Spinners) dies of a heart attack at age 43 while performing at a nightclub in Oakland, California.
1980Malcolm Owen (original singer for The Ruts) dies of a heroin overdose at age 26.
1980In France, Roxy Music's Bryan Ferrycontracts a kidney infection and is flown to London after collapsing in his hotel room.
1980Former Beatles and Rolling Stonesmanager Allen Klein begins a two-month jail term for income tax evasion.
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Donna Summer's Tribute To The Working Girls Hits #1

Donna Summer's "Bad Girls," a song about prostitutes, hits #1 in America.
Summer writes this sympathetic ode to the working girls after sending her secretary on an errand that takes her down Sunset Boulevard, a hotbed of illicit activity. Police mistake the secretary for a hooker and give her a hard time. When she returns to the office, she tells Summer the story, and she writes a song about it, adding in the famous "toot-toot," "beep-beep"s to simulate the johns trying to get the girls' attention. 

The song spends a remarkable five weeks at #1, second only to "My Sharona," which stays for six.

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