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The 'Secret' Beaches of Venice | Almar Jesolo 

Think of Venice and your mind immediately leaps to city breaks; its allure is everlasting, and the enchanting idea of a city that is built on water never fails to capture the essence of romance. Here, you meet a maze of quaint and charming canals for dreamy gondola rides through towering buildings of magnificent Renaissance and Gothic architecture; a city steeped in rich history, where the celebration of world-famous art and rich food and drink sweep you off your feet and make you feel alive.
However, we seldom think of Venice as a place to head for a beach break, but its composition of over 100 small islands in a lagoon in the Adriatic Sea, of course means that it has endless sandy shores for holidaymakers to soak up the Italian sunshine. At Almar Jesolo in Venice, you're just a stone's throw away from white sands and the sparkling sea, but even if you're away on a city retreat in Venice, take a day out of the sightseeing for some sun, sea and sand, and see Venice in a whole new light.

Lido di Jesolo

It will come as no surprise to discover that Almar Jesolo's closet beach is the Lido di Jesolo, located just 300m from the luxurious hotel. Often billed as the 'Venetian Riviera', Lido di Jesolo is a purpose-built beach resort, so whilst the area isn't going to fascinate the culture vultures, this is a dream destination for those wanting a holiday of heavenly sunbathing. As the area is shaped by tourism, the layout of Jesolo is all about convenience for its sunshine visitors, with the main street running along the length of the town, packed with shops, cafés, restaurants and bars. The beach is busy and the nightlife is buzzing, with regular events such as firework displays drawing in the crowds.

The Island of Albarella

In sharp contrast to the hustle and bustle of Jesolo, the Isola di Albarella (Island of Albarella) is a perfect paradise of unspoilt nature, immersed in the lagoon that is south of Venice. Peace and tranquillity sleep in the soft sandy shores, and the shallow sparkling waters tempt in swimmers, or those seeking watersport adventure activities away from the crowds. The beaches' proximity to the island's luscious greenery adds to the air of unique escapism, and you'll be soaking up the sun-drenched climate on the beach, whilst the surrounding landscape is the natural habitat of elegant deer and pheasants. Albarella gives you the sense of entering another world, a faraway oasis where relaxation is utterly effortless.

Lido di Venezia

The Lido di Venezia (or just 'the Lido' in local parlance) is arguably the most famous place for beach holidays in Venice, thanks to the Venice Film Festival, which is held here every September. It is less expensive and touristy than other areas, with a large and wealthy residential population, the upscale homes giving it a bit of a Florida Palm Beach Feel. At least half of the Adriatic side of the Lido is made up of idyllic island beaches, though much of that belongs to the strip of hotels, offering private beaches to their summer guests. However, two enormous beaches dominate the north and the south of the island, lined with impressive architecture that houses lots of trendy bars and restaurants, making it an exotic and upmarket option for sophisticated sun-worshippers.

Rosolina Mare

Located south of Venice in the Veneto Region, Rosolina is renowned as an immaculate Italian beach resort, and is often known as 'Little Mesopotamia' due to its particular setting poised between land and water. The rich and varied landscape takes you on a journey of ponds, rivers, lagoons, fishing valleys, exotic flora and fauna, completed by dramatic dunes and beautiful beaches. The main beach is 8km long, and though tourists flock in each summer, due to its size it rarely feels overcrowded. Bright and busy beaches and a lively and dynamic bar and restaurant scene make it a popular place for summer holidays, but in contrast, right at the southern tip of the island, you'll find a wild and secluded beach surrounded by a blanket of oak trees, for a more intimate island escape in Venice

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