Tuesday, January 8, 2019

The race to challenge U.S. President Donald Trump in November 2020 kicked off in earnest Saturday, when the first major Democratic Party hopeful to announce her candidacy visited voters across Iowa.
On January 7, 1953, President Harry S. Truman announces the United States has developed the hydrogen bomb. The announcement came during Truman’s final State of the Union address before Congress. The bomb was tested in November 1952 and produced an explosion with a yield of 10.4 megatons of TNT, and created a fireball more than 6 kilometers wide. It destroyed the Pacific island of Elugelab and parts of nearby islands.
VIDEO: The U.S government is partially closed for a third week with no end in sight, as President Donald Trump resolutely demands funding for the wall along the U.S.-Mexico border and Democratic lawmakers continue to rule it out. 
VIDEO: Every January, tech insiders head to Las Vegas, Nevada where the biggest tech companies show off their latest devices at the Consumer Electronics Show. Smaller startups also vie for attention at one of the largest tech gatherings of the year.
VIDEO: For some, castle-like mansions in Los Angeles are just pretty to look at and an unattainable dream. But for designer Chris Toledo, they are an inspiration. He makes exact, yet miniature copies of these magnificent houses. They have it all — in bathrooms, electricity, fireplaces and chandeliers. One day, Toledo hopes to sell his miniature creations and earn enough to buy a real-life house of his dreams .
VIDEO: A New York professor , who teaches German at New York’s Elmira College, speaks six languages, has a bachelor’s degree in vocal performance and two master’s degrees. Plus, she writes poetry and sings. Those are big accomplishments for anyone, but professor Carrie Hooper is also blind .

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