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And the Moon Pulls the Tides Gently, Gently Away
Performed by Jimi Hendrix (1968)
Performed by the Alan Parsons Project (1996)
Note: Used as soundtrack for many DIY videos of moon exploration.
Apollo 11
Performed by Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark (1991)
Note: Instrumental with JFK's famous moon speech sampled.
Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins
Performed by The Byrds (1969)
Arizona Moon (Blue Shadows)
Performed by Steve Martin, Martin Short and Chevy Chase (1986)
Note: Classic from the '80s comedy "The Three Amigos."

Bad Moon Rising
Performed by Creedence Clearwater Revival (1969)
Note: John Fogerty's rock 'n' roll classic is one of "Rolling Stone's" 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.
Bad Side of the Moon
Performed by Elton John (1970)
Beach House on the Moon
Performed by Jimmy Buffet (1999)
Note: Bad news, Mr. Buffet. Those seas (lunar maria) on the moon are actually dark plains.
Bella Luna
Performed by Jason Mraz (2005)
Beneath a Desert Moon
Performed by Sting (1996)
Black Moon
Performed by ELP (1992)
Black Moon
Performed by The Deftones (2005)
Black Moon Day
Performed by Dakota Moon (1998)
Blue Moon
Performed by Mel Torme (1949)
Note: Lunar classic written by Richard Rogers and Lorenz Hart in 1934, featured in the movie "Grease" and covered by many artists.
Blue Moon of Kentucky
Performed by Bill Monroe and The Blue Grass Boys (1946)
Note: Bill's famous bluegrass waltz has been covered by Elvis, Ray Charles, Patsy Cline and many others.
Brain Damage
Performed by Pink Floyd (1973)
Note: Contain's the famous line from that gives the album it's title "I'll see you on the dark side of the moon." Technically, guys, there is no dark side of the moon. But far side doesn't quite have the same ring.
Buffalo Gals (Lubly Fan)
Performed by John Hodges (1844)
By The Light of the Silvery Moon
Performed by Lillian Lorraine (1909)
Note: This New York City Tin Pan Alley song was later covered by Doris Day and The Three Stooges.

Can't Fight the Moonlight
Performed by LeAnn Rimes (2000)
Note: Pop tune written by Diane Warren, it's the theme song of the movie "Coyote Ugly."
Carolina Moon
Performed by Connie Francis (1958)
Note: Written in 1928 by Joe Burke and Benny Davis for crooner Gene Austin.
Catch the Moon
Performed by Lisa Loeb (2004)
Chartreuse Moon
Performed by Scarlet Slipping (2006)
Child of the Moon
Performed by The Rolling Stones (1968)
Clair de lune
Composed by Claude Debussy (1905)
Note: French for "moonlight," this is the third and most famous movement of Debussy's Suite bergamasque.
Colorado Moon
Performed by Tim Malchak (1987)
Colors of the Wind
Performed by Judy Kuhn (1995)
Note: Theme song of the Disney movie "Pocahontas."
Cruel, Cruel Moon
Werewolf tune performed by Paul and Storm (2010)

Dance with the Moonlight
Performed by Genesis (1973)
Dancing in the Moonlight
Performed by King Harvest (1972)
Dancing on the Moon
Performed by Squirrel Nut Zippers (2002)
Dead End Moon
Performed by Kevin Max (1984)
Desert Moon
Performed by Dennis DeYoung (1984)
Destination Moon
Performed by The Ames Brothers (1958)
Note: Performed by Nat King Cole, Dinah Washington, Deborah Cox and others.
A Dimmer Lux
Performed by The River Empires (2010)
Dreamy Old New England Moon
Performed by Dean Martin (1973)

Everyone's Gone to the Moon
Performed by Johnathan King (1965)
Note: Hit song covered by everyone from Marlene Dietrich to The Flaming Lips.

Feather Moon
Performed by Vienna Teng (2004)
For Michael Collins, Jeffrey and Me
Performed by Jethro Tull (1970)
Flowers by the Moon
Performed by The Reign of Kindo (2010)
Fly Me to the Moon
Performed by Frank Sinatra (1964)
Note: Sinatra's famous 1964 version beamed back from lunar orbit to Earth by the Apollo 10 crew.
Full Moon
Performed by The Kinks (1977)
Full moon and empty arms

Green Moon
Performed by Sunsphere (2011)

Half Moon
Performed by Iron & Wine (2011)
Half Moon Bay
Performed by Train (2009)
Half Kansas Moon
Performed by Dash Rip Rock (1995)
Hawkmoon 269
Performed by U2 (1988)
Harvest Moon
Performed by Neil Young (1992)
Havana Moon
Performed by Chuck Berry (1957)
Heading for the Moon
Performed by Cyndi Lauper (1986)
Note: B-side of single, "True Colors."
Honey and the Moon
Performed by Joseph Arthur (2002)
How High the Moon
Performed by Les Paul and Mary Ford (1951)
Note: First performed in the 1940 Broadway revue "Two for the Show."

Idaho Moon
Performed by Ranger Doug (1995)
Note: Yodeling alert.
Indigo Moon
Performed by Heather Myles (1995)
Indigo Moon
Performed by Michael Diamond (2008)
It's Only a Paper Moon
Performed by Ella Fitzgerald (1945)

Jealous of the Moon
Performed by Nickel Creek (2005)
Journey to the Moon
Performed by Sound of Genesis (1969)
Jupiter or the Moon
Performed by Los Lobos (2010)

Kiko and the Moon
Performed by Los Lobos (1992)

Last Alaska Moon
Performed by Livingston Taylor (2010)
Look at that Moon
Performed by Carl Perkins (1957)
Note: Classic Carl.

Mad Man Moon
Performed by Genesis (1999)
Man on the Moon
Performed by R.E.M. (1992)
Note: Tribute to comedian Andy Kaufman, who died in 1984.
Me and the Moon
Performed by The Drums (2010)
The Moon Got in My Eyes
Performed by Bing Crosby (1937)
Note: Bing sang it in the movie "Double or Nothing."
Midnight Moonlight
Performed by The Grateful Dead (1973)
Minnesota Half Moon
Performed by The Big Wu (2000)
Performed by Björk (2011)
Moon at the Window
Performed by Joni Mitchell (1982)
Moon Baby
Performed by Godsmack(1998)
The Moon Is a Magnet
Performed by Jon Foreman (2007)
Moon of Manakoora
Performed by Dorothy Lamour (1937)
Note: She sang it in the movie "The Hurricane." The Ventures made it over in 1972.
Moon Over Bourbon Street
Performed by Sting (1985)
Moon Over Marin
Performed by The Dead Kennedys (1982)
Moon Over Miami
Performed by Bill Haley and the Comets (1957)
Note: Bill and his band gave this 1935 big band classic an R&B makeover in New York City.
Performed by Yoav (2010)
Moonage Daydream
Performed by David Bowie (1971)
Performed by King Crimson (1969)
Performed by Van Morrison (1970)
Performed by Gene Krupa (1955)
Performed by Gene Krupa (1955)
Moonlight and Roses
Performed by Edwin Lamare (1888)
Note: Lyrics were added to this popular 19th century organ compositions in 1921.
Moonlight and Roses
Performed by Jim Reeves (1964)
Note: Country crooner sings the lyrics added to Lamare's 1888 composition.
Moonlight Mile
Performed by The Rolling Stones (1971)
Moonlight on Campus
Performed by Dick Powell (1937)
Moonlight Serenade
Performed by Glenn Miller (1939)
Note: This was the famous Big Band leader's signature tune.
Moonlight Shadow
Performed by Mike Oldfield (1983)
Note: Rennaissance version is good, too, as is Annie Haslam's solo version.
Performed by Dakota Staton (1957)
Performed by Cat Stevens (1971)
Performed by Mike Oldfield (1992)
Performed by Mike Oldfield (1992)
Mississippi Moon
Performed by the Jerry Garcia Band (2001)
Montana Call
Performed by Joan Crawford (1930)
Moon Maiden
Performed by Duke Ellington (1969)
Note: Comissioned for the Apollo 11 moon landing and performed live on 20 July 1969.
Moon Over Alabama / Alabama Song (Whisky Song)
Performed by The Doors (1966)
Note: This 1925 German Opera Song is deeply embedded in pop culture with many variations. Perhaps most famously performed by The Doors as "Alabama Song (Whisky Bar)."
Moon Over the Freeway
Performed by The Ditty Bops (2006)
Moon Rider
Performed by Up With People (1977)
Note: Yeah, that happened.
Moon River
Performed by Audrey Hepburn (1961)
Note: Composed by Henry Mancini with lyrics by Johnny Mercer, Audrey's performance in "Breakfast at Tiffany's" won it an Academy Award for Best Original Song.
The Moon was Yellow
Performed by Frank Sinatra (1966)
(On) Moonlight Bay
Performed by Billy Murray and The American Quartet (1912)
Note: Often sung as a barbershop quartet, this song of lost love also was a favorite of Porky Pig and other Looney Tunes characters.
Moonlight in Vermont
Performed by Margaret Whiting (1944)
Note: The lyrics to this sentimental World War II classic don't rhyme.
Moonlight Sonata
Composed by Ludwig van Beethoven (1801)
Note: Not to be confused with "Moonlight Sinatra," Piano Sonato No. 14 is Beethoven's most popular piano composition.
Mr. Moon
Performed by Eisley (2011)
Mr. Moonlight
Rhythm and blues tune most memorably covered by The Beatles in 1964.
My Moon My Man
Performed by Feist (2007)
My Personal Moon
Performed by Madison Park (2003)

Neon Moon
Performed by Brooks and Dunn (1992)
Nebraska Moon
Performed by Ole Rasmussen and His Nebraska Cornhuskers (1944)
New Mexico Moon
Performed by The Vains (2012)
New Moon on Monday
Performed by Duran Duran (1984)
Nothing New Under the Moon
Performed by LeAnn Rimes (1998)

Oh Mister Moon
Traditional Campire Song
Note: Many variations, with requests of "won't you shine down on me" ranging from love to possum hunting.
Old Nevada Moon
Performed by Patsy Montana (2005)
Old Yellow Moon
Performed by Emmylou Harris and Roger Crowell (2013)
Orange Moon
Performed by Erykah Badu (2000)

Paper Moon
Performed by Leon Parker (1994)
Pink Moon
Performed by Nike Drake (1972)


Red Moon
Performed by The Walkmen (2008)
Roll on Texas Moon
Performed by Roy Rogers and Dale Evans (1946)

The Same Moon
Performed by Phil Collins (1997)
Same Side of the Moon
Performed by Corrine May (2001)
Sail to the Moon
Performed by Radiohead (2003)
Saturn V
Performed by Inspiral Carpets (1994)
Shame on the Moon
Performed by Bob Seger (1992)
Shepherd Moons
Performed by Enya (1991)
Shine on Harvest Moon
Performed by Ruth Etting (1931)
Note: Another moon-related Tin Pan Alley song of the early 1900s. Memorably performed in the "Ziegfeld Follies."
Shoot the Moon
Performed by Norah Jones (2002)
Sister Moon
Performed by Herbie Hancock (featuring Sting) (2005)
Sisters of the Moon
Performed by Fleetwood Mac (1980)
Small Town Moon
Performed by Regina Spektor (2012)
Song About the Moon
Performed by Paul Simon (1981)
Sorrento Moon
Performed by Tina Arena (1995)
Note: This Sorrento is a beach in Australia, not the Italian waterfront town.
Spanish Moon
Performed by Little Feat (1977)
Standing on the Moon
Performed by The Grateful Dead (1989)
Swingin' on the Moon
Performed by Mel Torme (1960)
Note: Title cut of Mel's moon-themed album.

Talking to the Moon
Performed by Bruno Mars (2010)
Tea House Moon
Performed by Enya (1995)
Tennessee Moon
Performed by Neil Diamond (1996)
Texas Moon
Performed by Gary P. Nunn (1992)
There's a Moon in the Sky
Performed by The B-52's (1979)
Note: This catchy tune also includes many planets.
There's a Moon Out Tonight
Performed by The Capris (1961)
To Our Children's Children
Performed by The Moody Blues (1969)
Note: Album inspired by the Apollo 11 landing.
Tubas in the Moonlight
Performed by The Bonzo Dog Band (1969)

Under the Cherry Moon
Performed by Prince (1986)
Under the Moon of Love
Performed by Showdaddy (1976)
Under a Raging Moon
Performed by Roger Daltrey (1985)
Note: Daltrey's solo album contains an all-star drum tribute to The Who drummer Keith Moon, who died in 1979.
Under a Texas Moon
Performed by Bert Lown's Biltmore Hotel Orchestra (1930)
Under a Violet Moon
Performed by Blackmore's Night (1999)
Under the Purple Moon
Performed by Rita Clarke (1972)
Utah Moon
Performed by Laurie Wheeler (2006)

Virginia Moon
Performed by Foo Fighters (2005)

Virginia Moon
Performed by Foo Fighters (2005)
Walking on the Moon
Performed by The Police (1979)
Note: Part of the video was filmed at Kennedy Space Center.
Waxing Moon
Performed by Jupiter Coyote (2001)
Whole of the Moon
Performed by The Waterboys (1985)


Yellow Moon
Performed by The Grateful Dead (1975)
Yellow Moon
Performed by The Neville Brothers (1989)
You My Lunar Queen
Performed by Cousteau (2001)
You Will Go to the Moon
Performed by Moxy Früvous (1997)


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