Monday, August 22, 2016

American Airlines Announces 

56 Weekly Flights to Cuba

American Airlines Announces 56 Weekly Flights to CubaAmerican Airlines got the green light by Cuban authorities to offer 56 weekly flights to the island nation, beginning September 7. The flights will span Miami and five Cuban cities.

JetBlue is scheduled to start flying to Cuba on August 31, backed up by a hefty promotional campaign and airfares as low as $99 for the one-way leg.
The AA flights are part of the 110 routes approved by the U.S. Department of Transportation. The delay in authorizing the flights was prompted by the fact that U.S. carriers had tripled the number the requests to fly to Havana.
These will be the first regular commercial flights between Cuba and the U.S. since both countries decided to bury the Cold War hatchet and restore diplomatic relations back in December 2014.
Following several months of anticipation, the Cuban government has finally given the nod to U.S. airlines to start providing service between the two nations.

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