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The Music Man

The Music Man
Warner Bros., 1962, Color, 151 minutes, ****
Released June, 1962

Robert Preston is Professor Harold Hill, sly salesman who cons the good folk of 1910s River City, Iowa, into forming a youth band so he can sell them instruments and then skip town... until he falls for lovely librarian Shirley Jones. The hit Meredith Wilson musical includes "76 Trombones," "Trouble," "Till There Was You" and "Shipoopi"; with Hermione Gingold, Paul Ford, Ronny Howard and Buddy Hackett. This restored collector's edition includes a special introduction by Shirley Jones, the documentary "Right Here in River City: The Making of The Music Man," and the original theatrical trailer.

Produced and Directed by: Morton Da Costa
Screenplay: Marion Hargrove
(based on the stage musical by Meredith Willson and Franklyn Lacey)
Music Director: Ray Heindorf
Musical Score: Meredith Willson
Song Score: Meredith Willson
Choreography: Tom Panko and Onna White
Art Direction: Paul Groesse
Set Decoration: George James Hopkins
Costume Design: Dorothy Jeakins
Sound: M. A. Merrick, Dolph Thomas
Director of Photography: Robert Burks
Film Editing: William Ziegler

Awards: Academy Award for Best Adapted Score; Academy Award nominations for Best Picture, Best Film Editing, Best Art Direction - Set Decoration (Color), Best Costume Design and Best Sound

Cast: Robert Preston [Harold Hill], Shirley Jones [Marian Paroo], Buddy Hackett [Marcellus Washburn], Hermione Gingold [Eulalie MacKechnie Shinn], Paul Ford [Mayor Shinn], The Buffalo Bills [Themselves], Pert Kelton [Mrs. Paroo], Timmy Everett [Tommy Djilas], Susan Luckey [Zaneeta Shinn], Ron Howard [Winthrop Paroo], Harry Hickox [Charlie Cowell], Charles Lane [Constable Locke], Mary Wickes [Mrs. Squires], Monique Vermont [Amaryllis], Ronnie Dapo [Norbert Smith], Jesslyn Fax [Avis Grubb], Patty Lee Hilka [Gracie Shinn], Garry Potter [Dewey], Delos Jewkes [Harley MacCauley], Ray Kellogg [Harry Joseph], William Fawcett [Lester Lonnergan], Rance Howard [Oscar Jackson], Roy Dean [Gilbert Hawthorne], David Swain [Chet Glanville], Arthur Mills [Herbert Malthouse], Rand Barker [Duncan Shyball], Jeannine Burnier [Jessie Shyball], Shirley Claire [Amy Dakin], Natalie Core [Truthful Smith], Therese Lyon [Dolly Higgins], Penelope Martin [Lila O'Brink], Barbara Pepper [Feril Hawkes], Anne Loos [Stella Jackson], Peggy Wynne [Ada Nutting], Hank Worden [Undertaker], Milton Parsons [Farmer], Natalie Masters [Farmer's Wife], Peggy Mondo, Sarah Seegar, Adnia Rice [Townswomen], Casey Adams (aka Max Showalter), Charles Percheskly [Salesmen], Percy Helton [Conductor]

Musical Program: [0:00] Main Title (Orchestra); [0:03] Rock Island (performed by the Traveling Salesmen Ensemble); [0:09] Iowa Stubborn (sung by Ensemble); [0:17] Ya Got Trouble (Robert Preston and Ensemble); [0:22] Piano Lesson / If You Don't Mind My Saying So (Shirley Jones and Pert Kelton); [0:27] Goodnight My Someone (Shirley Jones joined by Monique Vermont); [0:31] Columbia the Gem of the Ocean (excerpt sung by Hermione Gingold and Ensemble at the Fourth of July Exercises); [0:36] Ya Got Trouble / Seventy-Six Trombones (performed by Robert Preston and Ensemble); [0:48] Sincere (sung by The Buffalo Bills); [0:55] Pick-A-Little, Talk-A-Little (performed by Hermione Gingold and The Biddys) / Good Night Ladies (sung by the Buffalo Bills in counterpoint to "Pick-A-Little"); [0:59] The Sadder But Wiser Girl (sung by Robert Preston with Buddy Hackett); [1:02] Marian The Librarian (sung by Robert Preston, danced by Preston and library Ensemble); [1:13] Gary, Indiana (sung by Robert Preston, danced by Preston and Pert Kelton); [1:18] Being in Love (sung by Shirley Jones with Pert Kelton); [1:23] The Wells Fargo Wagon (sung by Ensemble with solo part by Ron Howard); [1:38] Lida Rose (sung by The Buffalo Bills) / Will I Ever Tell You (sung by Shirley Jones); [1:43] Gary, Indiana (reprised by Ron Howard with Shirley Jones and Pert Kelton); [1:47] Carmen Sequence (performed by Shirley Jones and Harry Hickox); [1:49] Lida Rose (reprised by The Buffalo Bills); [1:57] Shipoopi (production number sung and danced by Buddy Hackett and Company); [2:06] Till There Was You (sung by Shirley Jones); [2:15] Goodnight My Someone / Seventy-Six Trombones (sung by Robert Preston and Shirley Jones in counterpoint); [2:20] Till There Was You (reprised by Robert Preston); [2:26] Seventy-Six Trombones (played, sung and marched by Company)

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