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Bedknobs and Broomsticks
Walt Disney, 1971, Color, 117 minutes, ***
Premiere release (USA) November, 1971
General release December, 1971

An Academy Award winner for Best Visual Effects, Bedknobs and Broomsticks features a spellbinding mix of live action and animation that makes it one of Disney's most delightfully endearing classics.

Screen legend Angela Lansbury gives a bewitching performance as an amateur witch who reluctantly takes in three precocious orphan children. The children soon find themselves swept aboard a flying bed, its magic brass bedknob their ticket to one fantastic adventure after another - including a visit to an enchanted island inhabited by wondrous animated animal characters! The foursome eventually join forces with an amusing professor to track down an ancient incantation that could save the country from hostile invaders!

Produced by: Bill Walsh
Directed by: Robert Stevenson
Assistant Director: Christopher Hibler
Screenplay by: Bill Walsh, Don DaGradi
Based on the book by Mary Norton
Music and Lyrics: Richard M. Sherman and Robert B. Sherman
Music Supervised, Arranged and Conducted by: Irwin Kostal
Choreography by: Donald McKayle
Art Directors: John B. Mansbridge and Peter Ellenshaw
Set Decorations: Emile Kuri, Hal Gausman
Costumes Designed by: Bill Thomas
Make-Up: Robert J. Schiffer
Hair Stylist: LaRue Matheron
Sound Supervisor: Robert O. Cook
Special Effects: Alan Maley, Eustace Lycett, Danny Lee
Animation Director: Ward Kimball
Director of Photography: Frank Phillips
Color by Technicolor
Film Editor: Cotton Warburton

Awards: Academy Award for Best Special Visual Effects; Academy Award nominations for Best Song Score, Best Song ("The Age of Not Believing"), Best Costume Design and Best Art Direction/Set Decoration

Cast: Angela Lansbury [Miss Eglantine Price], David Tomlinson [Emelius Browne], Roddy McDowall [Mr. Jelk], Sam Jaffe [Bookman], John Ericson [Col. Heller], Bruce Forsyth [Swinburne], Cindy O'Callaghan [Carrie], Roy Snart [Paul], Ian Weighill [Charlie], Tessie O'Shea [Mrs. Hobday], Arthur Gould-Porter [Captain Greer], Ben Wrigley [Portobello Road Workman], Reginald Owen [General Teagler], Cyril Delevanti [Elderly Farmer], Rick Traeger, Manfred Lating [German Sergeants], John Orchard [Vendor], Robert Holt [Voice of Codfish], Lennie Weinrib [Voice of Secretary Bird and Lion], Dal McKennon [voice of Bear]

Musical Program: [0:00] Overture (played by Orchestra, some vocals by Chorus behind titles); [0:05] The Old Home Guard (sung and marched by Mens Chorus); [0:27] The Age of Not Believing (sung by Angela Lansbury); [0:40] Eglantine (sung by David Tomlinson); [0:44] Portabello Road (production number sung and danced by Angela Lansbury, David Tomlinson, Roy Smart, Cindy O'Callaghan, Ian Weighall and Ensemble); [1:01] The Beautiful Briny Sea (sung by David Tomlinson, Angela Lansbury and sea creatures in underwater anitmated sequence); [1:24] Substitutiary Locomotion (sung and danced by Angela Lansbury, David Tomlinson, Roy Smart, Cindy O'Callaghan and Ian Weighall); [1:36] With a Flair (excerpt sung by Angela Lansbury as apparition); [1:56] The Old Home Guard (sung and marched by Mens Chorus)

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