Saturday, January 29, 2011

BECAUSE OF HIM-To μηλον της εριδος

Because of Him
Universal, 1946, B/W, 88 minutes, ***
Released January, 1946

Deanna Durbin writes her own letter of recommendation and gets stage star Charles Laughton to sign it, thinking he's signing an autograph. Deanna then convinces producer Franchot Tone that she is indeed a great actress, and he casts her in the leading role in a new production... as Laughton's leading lady! Meanwhile Laughton discovers Deanna's conniving and tries to oust her from the production, but he finds that he likes the girl and just can't put his heart into it. He ends up supporting her, though Deanna is forced to pull a number of "tricks" to keep the man from giving her the heave-ho. In the end Deanna plays the part and everyone is more than pleased with her acting ability. Light-weight story line, but how can you lose with Durbin, Laughton and Tone? Great fun. Deanna's performance of "Lover" as a duet with her own recorded voice is wonderful!

Produced by: Felix Jackson
Associate Producer: Howard Christie
Directed by: Richard Wallace
Assistant Director: William Holland
Screenplay: Edmund Beloin (Original Story by Edmund Beloin and Sig Herzig)
Musical Score: Miklos Rozsa
Musical Direction for Miss Durbin: Edgar Fairchild
Vocal Coach: Al Proctor
Art Direction: John B. Goodman, Robert Clatworthy
Set Decorations: R. A. Gausman, Oliver Emert
Hair Stylist: Carmen Dirigo
Director of Make-Up: Jack P. Pierce
Costumes: Travis Banton
Director of Photography: Hal Mohr
Director of Sound: Bernard B. Brown
Technician: Joe Lapis
Film Editor: Ted J. Kent

Cast: Deanna Durbin [Kim Walker], Franchot Tone [Paul Taylor], Charles Laughton [John Sheridan], Helen Broderick [Nora], Stanley Ridges [Charlie Gilbert], Donald Meek [Martin], Charles Halton [Mr. Dunlap], Regina Wallace [Head Nurse], Douglas Wood [Samuel Hargood], Lynn Whitney [Martha Manners], Bess Flowers [Playgoer in Lobby]

Musical Program: [0:11] Lover ("duet" sung by Deanna Durbin singing with a record of her own voice); [0:53] Danny Boy (sung by Deanna Durbin); [1:13] Goodbye (sung by Deanna Durbin)

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