Wednesday, June 27, 2018

The Trump administration’s family separation policy is hitting home for neighbors in Bristol, Virginia, after they learn that some of the migrant children taken from parents who crossed the southern border illegally are being housed nearby. The children are in a local shelter for troubled youth.  And while some people might agree about the need for strong borders, the reality of the children who’ve been forcibly separated from their parents being nearby has shaken them up.
On June 26, 1870, the Christian holiday of Christmas is declared a federal holiday in the United States. The annual festival, which is observed on December 25 and commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ, has also evolved into a cultural celebration for many Americans of all faiths. (Photo: The Capitol Christmas tree illuminated at night in December 2017.)
VOA CONNECT: Could a Midwestern town become the next Silicon Valley? Right now, the San Francisco Bay area is generally considered to be the leading hub for high tech innovation in the U.S. But a coding school in Indiana is looking to make a name for itself by providing tech-forward, project-based education with the aim of putting more senior developers into the market more quickly.
VIDEO EXPLAINER: It is perhaps the most patriotic of American holidays. The Fourth of July celebrates the decision of the original 13 colonies to declare independence from Britain. Here’s why many people, including President John Adams, thought America should celebrate her independence on July 2 instead of July 4.
VIDEO: Fendi for Fido? Hollywood’s rich and famous often deck themselves out in top designer fashions and want the same for their beloved pets. Costume designer Yana Syrkin decided to make clothes for her own dog after she couldn’t find what she was looking for in stores. That led to a request to design pet clothes for the smash hit movie ‘Legally Blonde,’ and the Ukrainian immigrant’s career as a designer of high-fashion doggie duds took off. 
VIDEO: Barack Obama enjoyed huge popularity on the African continent while he was president. Five years ago, Obama went to South Africa to launch an initiative aimed at developing the next generation of African entrepreneurs, activists and leaders. Next month, he returns to continue his work in a nation where young people view Obama as more than just a former American president.

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