Thursday, January 26, 2012

Poor Little Rich Girl

Poor Little Rich Girl

20th Century-Fox, 1936, B/W, 72 minutes, ***

Released July, 1936

Sent off by her widowed father to attend a private school, chipper gamine Shirley Temple runs away and joins a song and dance duo in this spry musical treat for the whole family. Co-stars Jack Haley, Alice Faye, Gloria Stuart. Songs include "Oh My Goodness" and "Military Man".

Producer: Darryl F. Zanuck

Director: Irving Cummings

Screenplay: Harry Tugend, Sam Hellman and Gladys Lehman

(based on stories by Eleanor Gates and Ralph Spence)

Music Director: Louis Silvers

Song Score: Mack Gordon and Harry Revel

Choreography: Ralph Cooper and Jack Haskell

Art Direction: William Darling, Rudolph Sternad

Costume Design: Gwen Wakeling

Cinematography: John F. Seitz

Film Editing: Jack Murray

Cast: Shirley Temple [Barbara Barry], Alice Faye [Jerry Dolan], Gloria Stuart [Margaret Allen], Jack Haley [Jimmy Dolan], Michael Whalen [Richard Barry], Sara Haden [Collins], Jane Darwell [Woodward], Claude Gillingwater [Simon Peck], Paul Stanton [George Hathaway], Henry Armetta [Tony], Charles Coleman [Stebbins], Arthur Hoyt [Percival Gooch], John Wray [Flagin], Tyler Brooke [Dan Ward], Mathilde Comont [Tony's Wife], Tony Martin [Radio Vocalist]

Musical Program: [0:07] Oh My Goodness (Shirley Temple); [0:14] Buy a Bar of Barry's (Tony Martin with the "Barry Baritones"); [0:15] When I'm with You (Tony Martin); [0:17] When I'm with You (special lyric, Shirley Temple); [0:35] But Definitely (Alice Faye and Shirley Temple); [0:54] Wash Your Necks with a Bar of Peck's (Shirley Temple); [0:55] When I'm with You (Alice Faye); [0:57] You've Gotta Eat Your Spinach, Baby (Jack Haley, Alice Faye, Shirley Temple); [1:05] When I'm with You (Shirley Temple); [1:14] (I Love A) Military Man (sung and danced by Jack Haley, Alice Faye and Shirley Temple)

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