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On the Riviera

On the Riviera

20th Century-Fox, 1951, Color, 89 minutes, ***

Released April, 1951

Jack Martin (Danny Kaye) is an American song and dance man based in Monte Carlo. When playboy aviator Henri Duran (also played by Danny Kaye) returns from his latest adventure, Martin notices a resemblance. He also notices Duran's neglected wife, Lili (Gene Tierney). After Duran is called away on business, Martin is enlisted to impersonate him for an important function. That gives him the chance to cozy up to Lili--and infuriate dance partner Colette (Corinne Calvet). Duran pays him back with an impersonation of his own.

This story had two previous incarnations: as Folies Bergere (1935) and That Night in Rio (1941).

Produced by: Sol C. Siegel

Directed by: Walter Lang

Screen Play by: Valentine Davies, Phoebe and Henry Ephron

Based on a Play by Rudolph Lothar and Hans Adler ["The Red Cat"]

Adapted by: Jessie Ernst

Music and Lyrics: "On the Riviera", "Rhythm of a New Romance", "Popo the Puppet", "Happy Ending" by Sylvia Fine

Musical Direction: Alfred Newman

Vocal Direction: Jeff Alexander

Orchestration: Earle Hagen, Edward Powell

Dances Staged by: Jack Cole

Art Direction: Lyle Wheeler, Leland Fuller

Musical Settings: Jospeh C. Wright

Set Decorations: Thomas Little, Walter M. Scott

Wardrobe Direction: Charles LeMaire

Costumes Designed by: Travilla

Costumes for Miss Tierney Designed by: Oleg Cassini

Makeup Artist: Ben Nye

Director of Photography: Leon Shamroy

Special Photographic Effects: Fred Sersen

Color by Technicolor

Technicolor Color Consultant: Leonard Doss

Sound: E. Clayton Ward, Roger Heman

Film Editor: J. Watson Webb, Jr.

Song "India" by Earle Hagen; Song "The Breeze and I" by Ernesto Lecuona

Awards: Academy Award Nominations for Best Art Direction-Set Decoration, Color and Best Music, Scoring of a Musical Picture

Cast: Danny Kaye [Jack Martin / Henri Duran], Gene Tierney [Lili Duran], Corinne Calvet [Colette], Marcel Dalio [Philippe Lebrix], Jean Murat [Felix Periton], Henri Letondal [Louis Foral], Clinton Sundberg [Antoine], Sig Rumann [Gapeaux], Joyce MacKenzie [Mimi], Monique Chantal [Minette], Marina Koshetz [Mme. Louise Cornet], Ann Codee [Mme. Periton], Mari Blanchard [Eugenie], Ethel Martin, George Martin, Vernal "Buzz" Martin [Dance Trio], Ellen Ray [Speciality Dancer], Gwyneth Verdon (aka Gwen Verdon) [Speciality Dancer], Rosario Imperio [Spanish Dancer], Antonio Filauri [Chef], Charles Andre [Andre], Franchesca Di Scaffa [Elna Petrovna], Joy (Joi) Lansing [Marilyn Turner], Eugene Borden [Announcer], Albert Pollet [Air Port Official], Andre Toffel [First Radio Control Man], Alberto Morin [Second Radio Control Man], George Davis [Leon], Tony Laurent [French News Vendor], Peter Camlin, Jack Chefe [Reporters], Bess Flowers [Lady at Bar]

Musical Program: [0:00] On the Riviera (sung by Chorus behind titles), [0:02] On the Riviera (sung by Danny Kaye [imitating Maurice Chevalier] and Chorus), [0:05] Scotch Number (sung and danced by Danny Kaye and Corinne Calvet, interrupted almost immediatedly as the audience rushes to the television to see Duran disembark from his airplane), [0:14] Duran Impersonation (Danny Kaye; his number is introduced by Gwen Verdon (?) and danced by Verdon and Chorus Girls), [0:18] Rhythm of a New Romance (sung by Danny Kaye, danced by Kaye and Mixed Chorus, segment danced by Rosario Imperio), [0:27] Ballin' the Jack (sung by Danny Kaye and Chorus, then sung and danced by Danny Kaye), [0:57] Popo the Puppet (sung and danced by Danny Kaye and Chorus as marionettes), [1:26] Happy Ending (sung and danced by Danny Kaye and Chorus)

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